Private Dog School

Give Your Dog or Pup An Education At Our Unique Dog School-Daycare

They’ll be able to learn, play, socialize and burn off their excess energy.

At The K9 Class, we go beyond traditional dog daycare. Think of us as an elite dog academy where dogs get socialized in small, highly personalized packs. We address every dog’s individual needs for learning, energy burning, playtime, and belly rubs! If you truly want to give your pet first-class care and training, you have arrived at the right place.


Enrolling Your Dog in Our School Offers Many Benefits:


Carefully Assembled Classes

We take a limited amount of dogs daily. We group them in small packs based on their size, temperament, and energy levels. The limited number of dogs per group allows a high “student to teacher ratio”, which means that your dog will be supervised at all times.

Personalized Attention

Every day your dog will receive one-on-one training sessions, all tailored to their individual needs. Do not worry if your fur baby is prone to herding, jumping on strangers, anxiety attacks, or some other issue. We take all “quirks” into consideration and address them accordingly. You can take your pick from up to three such sessions per day and watch your fur baby improve weekly.

Constant Learning

  Watch your dog transform into a little four-legged lady or gentleman.

Our day school staff certified through our rigorous 3 month trainer program (not just daycare attendants) are skilled at engaging dogs’ faculties and cognitive skills to the fullest. Throughout the day canines learn on/off-leash obedience, and polite interactions with humans and other animals in a positive, well-mannered way. We also teach acceptance of grooming, nail trims, and baths.

Controlled, Safe Environment

The combination of careful monitoring and individual attention eliminates the risks of fighting, biting, and injuries. Best of all, dogs don’t have time to pick up bad habits from fellow canines, because they are too preoccupied with improving themselves.

Balanced Activities

  Let’s get your dog burning energy in the most constructive way possible….Learning!

In run-of-the-mill dog daycare centers, dogs run wild all day long burning energy without any structure or purpose. This can lead to overstimulation and even behavioral and physical issues. Our classes are thoughtfully planned and structured, so that your fur baby can benefit from a holistic mix of playtime, learning, and naps. 


Did We Mention That You Get To Enjoy Some Perks Too?

Graduation Certificate

At the end of every semester, we hold a graduation ceremony for all dogs who have passed. This gives you one more reason to be proud of your furry friend and celebrate those special moments together. Get ready to wow your friends on social media with your dog’s performance.

Ready to Give Your Dog the Best Care?

We only accept a limited number of students per semester, so call now!


(Good) Private Day School w/ One Training Session          $55/day

(Better) Private Day School w/ Two Training Sessions          $65/day

(Best) Private Day School w/ Three Training Sessions          $75/day


DaySchool Semester packages

(Better) 20 days w/ 2 sessions per day – $1100

(Best) 20 days w/ 3 sessions per day – $1300


Contact Us Today for more info on how to book an evaluation and enroll your dog in our elite dog academy before the next semester begins.